Community Food Drive | 13 March 202

Uzwela Foundation delivered food parcels to three families in the Johannesburg-South area.   The families were very grateful to receive food parcels with essential items such as maize meal, rice, chicken, sausage, non-perishable and canned food, fresh fruit, vegetables, eggs, toiletries, and cleaning materials.  Teenage girls were also provided with female hygiene products that would last them a year.

Môrester Child and Youth Care Centre | 14 March 2021

Môrester (which means morning star in Afrikaans) Child & Youth Care Centre, is home to 9 children that have been maltreated, abused, abandoned, orphaned or have special needs.  The home is situated in Kempton Park, Gauteng. 

Foundation delivered much needed groceries to the home.  Our donation consisted of  rice, maize meal, sugar, tea, fresh fruit and vegetables, meat/chicken packs, oil, eggs, biscuits, cereal, snacks, pasta, and cleaning materials, to name but a few.  We also provided them with enough feminine hygiene products for a year.

(We are not allowed to show the faces of the children living at Môrester seeing as many of them have been removed from abusive homes by the Court. For their own safety, their identities have to remain hidden.)