On International Women’s Day, Uzwela Foundation visited the John Wesley Children’s Home to donate special Blessing Bags to the young ladies living in the home. 

During our visit and after conversations with the young ladies, we realised there was a need for additional support.

Three weeks later, we were back at the home for a follow-up visit.

We gifted each young lady a Blessing Bag containing pens, clutch pencils, highlighters, colored pencils, an eraser, pencil sharpener, a toiletry bag, anti-perspirant roll-on, deodorant, facewash, moisturizer and ointment.

The visit was extra special as there had recently been a birthday in the house!  We spoiled the birthday girl with balloons, birthday cake and of course presents.  We are very grateful that we could be part of her special day.

As we left the Home, the young ladies handed us a thank you card they had made for us. The message reads:

We thank you for sharing your tender love with us. We thank you for providing us with our daily necessities. We thank you for choosing John Wesley out of a thousand options. We would like to also thank you for sacrificing your time just to be with us. May the Lord bless your hearts that are full of giving and love as John Wesley. We are thankful from deep down. Once again we thank you. From John Wesley & Youth Care Centre.

It brings us immense joy knowing we are able to have a positive impact on the lives of these young ladies.

(We are not allowed to show the faces of the girls seeing as many of them have been removed from abusive homes by the Court. For their own safety, their identities have to remain hidden.)