On 4 April 20121 the Uzwela Easter Bunny suprised the kids at Igugulethu Child and Youth Care Centre and the Rainbow Cottage of the St Francis Care Centre with Easter treats.

In the days running up to the visit, we baked & decorated 155 bunny and egg-shaped cookies and made 310 Easter themed chocolates. Before individually wrapping the handmade chocolate packages, we included a marshmallow Easter egg.  In South Africa, it just isn’t Easter until you’ve had a Beacon Marshmallow Egg. We bought 260 and gave away every single one. 

The kids at both children homes loved seeing the Easter Bunny. Every child received a hug from the Easter Bunny and biscuits and chocolate packages from Elize.

Even the neighbours and people walking past came to say hello. We, of course, gave them hugs and chocolates as well.

The day was a huge success. We loved seeing the surprise and smiles on the faces of kids and staff. Some children were shocked into silence at the huge bunny, others wanted to be the bunny, and a few danced and played with her. Yes, the Uzwela Easter Bunny is female. She goes by Cayla when she takes off her costume.

The lesson we learned from our Easter visits is that the kids love costumes. We will definitely be doing more visits dressed as clowns, cartoon characters or animals!

Igugulethu Child & Youth Care Centre

Igugulethu CYCC is a care home in Boksburg, providing a place of safety for abused, neglected and abandoned children. The home accommodates up to 120 children from the ages of birth to 18 years.

Rainbow Cottage

The Rainbow Cottage for children provide residential care to 30 abandoned or orphaned children from birth to 7 years of age. The children aged between 3-7 years attend a nursery school on the premises. Children are referred by hospitals, other NGO’s, and home-based care workers. Most of the children referred are very ill on arrival, malnourished and developmentally delayed.

Thank you Cayla for being such a great sport and being the Uzwela Easter Bunny. You deserve to put your feet up!