On Sunday, 2 May 2021, Uzwela Foundation paid a visit to Ouma Se Plekkie a safe home for abused children. (“Ouma se plekkie” is Afrikaans for Grandma’s house.)

Children are placed here through the Children’s Court after being removed from their parental caregivers. Physical and sexual abuse caused by drug and alcohol misuse is, in most cases, the main reason why these children are separated from their parents.

The owner, who the kids call Ouma (Grandma), and her daughter care for the 15 children currently living in the home. These two ladies provide the children with everything a loving parent would – from meeting their basic needs and providing educations to all-important emotional support and love.

“Here at Ouma Se Plekkie, we provide shelter, food, schooling, clothing etc, but most of all we provide a loving and safe home where they are encouraged to reach their full potential and to become contributing members of society.”

When we arrived at the Home, we were welcomed by a group of friendly, well-behaved children. We gave each child a fleece blanket, beanie (and scarves for the girls) and a packet of sweets. The teenage girls also received a Blessings Bag with feminine hygiene products.

Uzwela Foundation also paid R2,800 directly into the Home’s account at a local Engen petrol station. As a result, Ouma will be able to drive the children to and from school for the month of May.  


We are in talks with the Home to ascertain how we might be able to assist with maintenance and repairs around the Home in preparation for the cold Winter months. 

Update on 1 September 2021

Uzwela arranged with Build it R&S to supply building materials to repair the water damaged ceiling in the kitchen of Ouma Se Plekkie. Not only will they deliver the building supplies, but they also gave us a discounted price! Works will commence soon.