On Christmas Day Uzwela went to the streets of Kempton Park Central to give homecooked meals to the homeless.  Elize roped in her kids to help cook 80 meals that consisted of  quarter chicken pieces, gravy, spiced rice carrots, iced tea and swiss roll with custard for dessert. The cooking started on the morning of Christmas Eve and went on through the night. The hours in front of the stove was absolutely worth it when we arrived at the parking lot and was able to give a nourishing homecooked meal to 80 people. And it wasn’t just us who wanted to spread love on Christmas day. While we were there a couple arrived on opposite side of the road to hand out soup and bread to the homeless. 

The food was an absolute hit – the best feedback we received was from one man who called out to us as we drove away, and shouted “Your chicken is $%& nice!”. On the drive home we also handed out meals to people scavenging for food in bins. 

Being able to spread Christmas cheer and feed those less fortunate, is what Uzwela Foundation is all about. 

Thank you again to our generous sponsors, we couldn’t do it without you.