The Uzwela Foundation has expanded its reach to the Western Cape of South Africa. One of our three Directors, Natasja King, recently moved to Mossel Bay so Uzwela Foundation now has representatives in Gauteng and the Western Cape. 

Within one week of arriving in Mossel Bay Natasja and her husband John identified The Haven Night Shelter as a NGO that Uzwela would like to help.

The shelter in Mossel Bay is just one of 15 night shelters across the Western Cape. The Haven’s mission is to “get the homeless back home” and they do this by providing temporary shelter, rehabilitation opportunities, social welfare services, family reunification services, physical care and support  to adult people living on the streets who are committed to reintegration. 

Our mission is to get homeless people back to a home. This means that The Haven interviews guests before they become our clients. We must ensure as organisation that somebody really wants our help. We are obliged to that towards our government, our donors and towards our clients.

A client who wishes our help is required to visit our social worker, contributes towards the system by working and/or paying shelter fees and does do everything in their power to get back on track. Guests are at our shelter on a temporary basis.

Uzwela donated R3000 in the form of a supermarket gift card so that the shelter could purchase food. We also donated cooking utensils and various board games for the clients of The Haven.  Natasja also joined the Management Committee of The Haven Mossel Bay.

We are excited about what Uzwela and The Haven will be able to achieve to help the homeless community of Mossel Bay.